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Release 2.0

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Release 2.0

  • Role: Realtor
  • Ability to add a user with access rights: realtor. Restricting access to information and opening access only to the premises with the ability to view information about prices and statuses.

  • Duplex apartments
  • Parking
  • The essence of parking spaces has been added to the room database with output to the widget.

  • Call tracking in phone numbers
  • Adding your css classes to widget phone numbers.

  • Customers
  • A large section has been implemented in the control panel: Clients. Actual and potential. Automatic recognition of customer data in the premises database. Communication: Client-Apartment. Automatic creation of clients when a new application arrives, or updating the client’s history, if one has already been entered into the system.

  • Custom widget icon
  • Adding your icon to the widget block

  • Multi-language control panel
  • Added Ukrainian and English languages ​​in the admin. thefloors panel

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