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Release 1.1

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Release 1.1

  • Status settings
  • Complete setting of the status of the premises. Ability to add new ones for internal use. Full customization of the requested information on the client when changing statuses.

  • Editing users
  • Ability to change user access to objects and statuses.

  • The ability to change the floor of the room
  • Integration with the World of Apartments
  • Possibility of unloading premises for the service of placing new buildings "World of apartments"

  • Adding English to the admin panel
  • In the user profile settings, the function for choosing the language of the control panel interface is now available

  • Possibility to delay widget loading
  • Choice: loading the widget either immediately after loading the website, or only after calling the widget.

  • Improving widget download speed
  • Improved widget resource caching

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